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domingo, 18 de junio de 2017

Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins

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País: Inglaterra
Nacimiento: Leeds, 27 de julio de 1929

Ha escrito con varios seudónimos, y su nombre original es Harry Patterson. Tras tres años en el ejército, se licenció en la London School of Economics and Political Science. Trabajó como profesor en la Universidad de Londres y desde 1959 se dedicó por completo a la escritura.

Escritor muy prolífico y muy comercial, escribe novelas de espionaje ambientadas normalmente en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, con grandes dosis de intriga y acción. Algunas de sus novelas han sido llevadas al cine, destacando “Ha llegado el águila”, que tuvo gran éxito. Ha sido traducido a numerosos idiomas, con ventas extraordinarias.

Doble juego 2008
El águila emprende el vuelo 2000
El confesionario 2000
El día del juicio 2000
El lado oscuro de la calle 2000
El ojo del huracán 2000
La hija del presidente 2000
La suerte de Luciano 2000
Réquiem por los que van a morir 2000
Temporada en el infierno 2000
Una buena noche para morir 2000
Un pacto con el diablo 1997
La noche del zorro 1990
Puerto secreto 1989 (1991)
Exocet 1983
Jugar con fuego 1983
El solista 1981
Ha llegado el águila 1975


Jack Higgins

Jack Higgins
BornHenry Patterson
27 July 1929 (age 87)
Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Alma materLondon School of Economics
Notable works
Years active1959–present
  • Amy Hewett Patterson
  • Denise Higgins
Henry Patterson (born 27 July 1929), known by his pen name Jack Higgins, is a British writer and novelist. He is one of the best-selling authors of popular thrillers and espionage novels. His breakthrough novel The Eagle Has Landed (1975) sold over 50 million copies[1] and was adapted into a successful film by the same title.[2]
Some of his other notable books are A Prayer for the Dying (1987), The Eagle Has Flown (1991), Thunder Point (1993), Angel of Death (1995), Flight of Eagles (1998), and Day of Reckoning (2000).[1] His 84 novels in total have sold over 150 million copies and have been translated into 55 languages.[3]
Resultado de imagen de jack higgins


Early life

Jack Higgins was born Henry Patterson[4] on 27 July 1929 in Newcastle upon TyneEngland.[1] When his father abandoned them soon after, his Irish mother returned with him to her home town of BelfastNorthern Ireland, to live with her mother and her grandfather on Shankill Road.[1] Raised amid the religious and political violence of Belfast, Patterson learned to read at the age of three, when he was tasked with reading The Christian Herald to his bed-ridden grandfather.[1] At night, he would crouch beneath a window and read by the light of the street lamps.
I read Oliver Twist when I was six. Not because it was a classic, but because it was a book that was available. I probably didn't understand everything in it—for years I used to pronounce the word rogue as rogger—but I didn't care. I just loved reading.[1]
When his mother remarried, the family moved to LeedsWest Yorkshire, England, where Patterson attended the Roundhay Grammar School for Boys. He proved to be an indifferent student and left school with few formal qualifications. In 1947 he began two years of National Service, at first with the East Yorkshire Regiment,[5] and later as a non-commissioned officer in the Royal Horse Guards Regiment of the Household Cavalry[6] doing security work on the East German border.[7][1] During his military service, Patterson discovered that he possessed both considerable sharpshooting skills and considerable intelligence.[citation needed]
After leaving the army, he returned to London to study Sociology at London School of Economics while supporting himself as a driver and labourer at night. He chose the school for its "history of nonconformism".[1] He received his third-class degree after three years of study.[1] After getting a teaching qualification, he took a job lecturing in Social Psychology and Criminology at Allerton Grange Secondary School Leeds.[1] He taught Liberal Studies at Leeds Polytechnic and Education at James Graham College, which became part of Leeds Polytechnic in 1976.

Writing career

In 1959, Higgins began writing novels.[1] One of his aliases was James Graham. The growing success of his early work allowed him to take time off from his teaching, and he eventually left the classroom to become a full-time novelist.
Patterson's early novels, written under his own name as well as under the pseudonyms James Graham, Martin Fallon, and Hugh Marlowe, are thrillers that typically feature hardened, cynical heroes, ruthless villains, and dangerous locales. Patterson published thirty-five such novels (sometimes three or four a year) between 1959 and 1974, learning his craft. East of Desolation (1968), A Game for Heroes (1970) and The Savage Day (1972) stand out among his early work for their vividly drawn settings (Greenland, the Channel Islands, and Belfast, respectively) and offbeat plots.
Patterson began using the pseudonym Jack Higgins in the late 1960s; his first minor bestsellers appeared in the early 1970s, two contemporary thrillers The Savage Day and A Prayer for the Dying[8] but it was the publication of his thirty sixth book, The Eagle Has Landed, in 1975, that made Higgins' reputation. The Eagle Has Landed represented a step forward in the length and depth of Patterson's work. Its plot concerns with a German commando unit sent into England to kidnap Winston Churchill, and is reminiscent of Alberto Cavalcanti's wartime film Went the Day Well?, which itself was directly based on the 1942 Graham Greene short story "The Lieutenant Died Last". The main character is Irish gunman, poet, and philosopher Liam Devlin. Higgins followed The Eagle Has Landed with a series of thrillers, including several (Touch the DevilConfessionalThe Eagle Has Flown) featuring return appearances by Devlin.
The third phase of Patterson's career began with the publication of Eye of the Storm in 1992, a fictionalised retelling of an unsuccessful mortar attack on Prime Minister John Major by a ruthless young Irish gunman-philosopher named Sean Dillon, hired by an Iraqi millionaire. Cast as the central character over the next series of novels, it is apparent that Dillon is in many ways an amalgamation of Patterson's previous heroes — Chavasse with his flair for languages, Nick Miller's familiarity with martial arts and jazz keyboard skills, Simon Vaughan's Irish roots, facility with firearms and the cynicism that comes with assuming the responsibility of administering a justice unavailable through a civilized legal system.

Personal life

Higgins met Amy Hewett while both were studying at the London School of Economics.[4] They were married in 1958, shortly after receiving a £75[1] ($210) advance for his first novel—"the biggest wedding present we could have had."[4]They have four children: Sarah (born 1960), Ruth (born 1962), Sean (born 1965), and Hannah (born 1974).[4][9] Their daughter Sarah Patterson penned the novel The Distant Summer (1976).[10] Higgins lives on Jersey, in the Channel Islands, with his second wife, Denise.[1][11]


YearTitle[12]Writing asFeaturingPublisherNotes
11959Sad Wind from the SeaHarry PattersonMark HagenJohn Long
21960Cry of the HunterHarry PattersonMartin FallonJohn Long
31961The Thousand Faces of NightHarry PattersonHugh MarlowJohn Long
41962Comes the Dark StrangerHarry PattersonMartin ShaneJohn Long
51962Hell Is Too CrowdedHarry PattersonMatthew BradyJohn Long
61962The Testament of Caspar SchultzMartin FallonPaul ChavasseAbelard-SchumanThe Bormann Testament
71963The Dark Side of the IslandHarry PattersonHugh LomaxFawcett
81963Pay the DevilHarry PattersonClay FitzgeraldBarrie & Rockliffe
91963Seven Pillars to HellHugh MarloweGavin KaneAbelard-SchumanSheba
101963Year of the TigerMartin FallonPaul ChavasseAbelard-Schuman
111964Passage by NightHugh MarloweHarry ManningAbelard-Schuman
121964A Phoenix in the BloodHarry PattersonJay Williams
131964Thunder at NoonHarry PattersonJohn DillingerRevised in 1983 as Dillinger
141964Wrath of the LionHarry PattersonNeil Mallory
151965The Graveyard ShiftHarry PattersonNick Miller
161965The Keys of HellMartin FallonPaul Chavasse
171966A Candle for the DeadHugh MarloweSean RoganThe Violent Enemy
181966The Iron TigerJack HigginsJack Drummond
191966Midnight Never ComesMartin FallonPaul Chavasse
201966The Violent EnemyHugh MarloweSean RoganA Candle for the Dead
211967Brought in DeadHarry PattersonNick Miller
221967Dark Side of the StreetMartin FallonHarry Youngblood
231968East of DesolationJack HigginsJoe MartinBerkley
241968Hell Is Always TodayHarry PattersonNick Miller
251969A Fine Night for DyingMartin FallonPaul Chavasse
261969In the Hour Before MidnightJack HigginsStacy WyattThe Sicilian Heritage
271969The Sicilian HeritageJack HigginsStacy WyattIn the Hour Before Midnight
281970A Game for HeroesJames GrahamOwen Morgan
291970Night Judgement at SinosJack HigginsJack Savage
301971The Last Place God MadeJack HigginsSam Hannah
311971Toll for the BraveJack HigginsEllis Jackson
321971The Wrath of GodJames GrahamEmmet Kogh
331972The Khufra RunJames GrahamJack Nelson
341972The Savage DayJack HigginsHolt
351973A Prayer for the DyingJack HigginsMartin FallonHolt
361974The Run to MorningMartin FallonOliver GrantBloody Passage
371975The Eagle Has LandedJack HigginsLiam DevlinHoltFirst Liam Devlin novel
381976Storm WarningJack HigginsHolt
391977The Valhalla ExchangeJack HigginsHamilton Canning
401978Day of JudgementMartin FallonSimon VaughanHolt
411979To Catch a KingHarry PattersonWalter Schellenberg
421980SoloJack HigginsAsa MorganStein and DayThe Cretan Lover
431981Luciano's LuckJack HigginsHarry CarterStein and Day
441982Touch the DevilJack HigginsLiam DevlinStein and Day
451983DillingerJack HigginsJohn DillingerThunder at Noon revised and reissued
461983ExocetJack HigginsCharles FergusonStein and Day
471985ConfessionalJack HigginsLiam DevlinStein and Day
481986Night of the Fox (novel)Jack HigginsHarry MartineauSimon & Schuster
491989Memoirs of a Dance Hall RomeoJack HigginsSimon & Schuster
501989A Season in HellJack HigginsTonny VilliersSimon & Schuster
511990Cold HarbourJack HigginsCraig OsbournSimon & Schuster
521990The Eagle Has FlownJack HigginsLiam DevlinSimon & Schuster
531992Eye of the StormJack HigginsSean DillonPutnamMidnight Man
First Sean Dillon novel
541993Thunder PointJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
551994On Dangerous GroundJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
561994ShebaJack HigginsGavin KaneBerkleySeven Pillars to Hell
571995Angel of DeathJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
581995The Morgan ScoreJack HigginsAsa Morgan
591996Drink with the DevilJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
601996Year of the Tiger 1996Jack HigginsPaul ChavasseBerkley
611997The President's DaughterJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
621998Flight of EaglesJack HigginsHarry KelsoPutnam
631999The White House ConnectionJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
642000Pay the DevilJack HigginsClay FitgeraldHarper CollinsSet in 19th century Ireland.
652000Day of ReckoningJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
662001Edge of DangerJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
672002The Keys of HellJack HigginsHarperCollins
682002Midnight RunnerJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
692003Bad CompanyJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
702004Dark JusticeJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
712005Without MercyJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
722006The Bormann TestamentJack HigginsPaul ChavasseThe Testament of Caspar Schultz
732006Sure FireJack HigginsPutnamWith Justin Richards
742007The Killing GroundJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
752007Rough JusticeJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
762008Death RunJack HigginsPutnamWith Justin Richards
772009A Darker PlaceJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
782009First StrikeJack HigginsPutnamWith Justin Richards
792009Sharp ShotJack HigginsPutnamWith Justin Richards
802009The Wolf at the DoorJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
812010The Judas GateJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
822012A Devil is WaitingJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
832013The Death TradeJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
842014Rain on the DeadJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam
852016The Midnight BellJack HigginsSean DillonPutnam


YearTitleWriting asDirectorStarringNotes
1967The Violent EnemyHugh MarloweDon SharpTom BellFrom the novel A Candle for the Dead
1972The Wrath of GodJames GrahamRalph NelsonRobert Mitchum
1976The Eagle Has LandedJack HigginsJohn SturgesDonald Sutherland
1984To Catch a KingHarry PattersonClive DonnerRobert WagnerTelevision film
1987A Prayer for the DyingJack HigginsMike HodgesMickey Rourke
1989ConfessionalJack HigginsGordon FlemyngKeith CarradineTelevision series, 4 episodes
1990Night of the FoxJack HigginsCharles JarrottGeorge PeppardTelevision film
1996On Dangerous GroundJack HigginsLawrence Gordon ClarkRob LoweTelevision film
1996Windsor ProtocolJack HigginsGeorge MihalkaKyle MacLachlanTelevision film
1997Midnight ManJack HigginsLawrence Gordon ClarkRob LoweTelevision film, from the novel Eye of the Storm
1998Thunder PointJack HigginsGeorge MihalkaKyle MacLachlanTelevision film

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